You, My Friend

April 16, 2008
By Amanda Weibley, Marysville, PA

Gripping the darkness,
Tossing and Turning,
Raging through the past is burning,
Searing my heart till a mangled pulse,
This isn't me it's somebody else,
Yet I feel the same torture go through the same hurt,
By watching you suffer I feel like I'm lost,
Not knowing the words to pick you up,
To get you off the ground,
A weight I can't imagine is heaved on your shoulders,
Making me cry and try to find what's left of your broken self,
Yet you don't see what's happened to me,
I understand your every tear,
Can't stop thinking about all your fears,
Just you, nobody else,
Reliving the times you spent in love,
Happiness trickling somewhere else,
Now I'm crying and have no where to go,
I see what you feel and no one else knows,
That who I am knows certain emotion,
Your so close to me and this is certain,
Just leave me show you there's another way,
More men than the time of day,
Someone new to fall in love with,
Even if theres not I'm here for you,
Picking you up when your broken hearted,
Screaming to break this almost horrid silence,
Cause I can't bear to see you hurt,
It's like me being cut open,
A gift God gave me being broke and opened,
Used to show you there's another person,
Who understands you and knows your pain,
Tortured masked in unnerving fury,
Just waiting for you to see me,
To see me as the person you can count on...
I see you as a friend in need...
Just let me in and you will see...

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