Best Friends, More Like Sisters!

January 6, 2012
By , Las Vegas, NV
A person who always understands me
Being by my side is what she likes to do
Cannot wait to hang out with me
Does not judge me for who I am
Exactly like me
Friendship that lasts forever
Goes out of her way to make everyone happy
Has high hopes for life
I call her my best friend, but she is more like a sister
Just is not your normal girl
Kisses are her favorite chocolate
Loving everyone in her life
Most important friend in my life
Never gives up on anything
Opening her arms when I need a hug
Picky but is not rude
Questions that she asks are meaningful
Ready to handle any problem that slows her down
Sneaky little girl
Takes what she has and makes the best out of it
Underneath all her unnoticeable flaws are whirls of beauty
Very beautiful, just like her mother
Wondering what she can accomplish next
X-Factor is not a show she enjoys
Young, wild, and beautiful is what she is
Zebra print is her favorite

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