It Has All Different Names

April 16, 2008
By Lauren Henry, GILBERT, AZ

It has all different names you see
But really it’s still the same
Soccer, futbol, it doesn’t matter
The prize is the title.

Players all go out on the field
They work like they are one
We push and fight all the way
Until the job is done.

There may be blood, or even pain
In the end it’s okay
The glory fills your heart and mind
You forget about the bad.


Each coach teaches different techniques
All you have to do is learn
Plays take time but they help you win
You must know how to succeed.

Scoring is the most important part
Although it is very hard
All of the players must join in
Everyone wants the ball.


Each teammate has a special skill
We just put them together
The whole team wants the pride in winning
It’s something you must share.

Soccer is a physical sport
You cannot be afraid
Get in and tackle, bruises won’t hurt
There’s always ice to heal them


It’s not so much the hardware we seek
But it is nice to have
We try to keep memories intact
To keep our heads held high.

Tournaments are what we look forward to
Two or three games a day
We face teams from all over the world
Backing down isn’t an option.


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