Never Say Goodbye

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

We met each other… slowly falling in love,
Not knowing what was ahead— soon two rings and a dove,
I wanted to spend every moment with you in every possible way,
I couldn’t stand being without you, even only for a day.

I suppose many would say, that I admire the way that you unconditionally care for all that I am and how by my side you’ve stayed,

I’ve accepted the people we’ve become,
Never to let obstacles tear us apart, from the day we first met— a patterned flag waving our start.

Now I have to admit that I’ll remain in your debt,
For the way you’ve given me reasons never to forget,
The life I’ve had, and the life I’ll have,
Making me blush and constantly laugh.

We’ve been together through the rainy days, to the snowy storms,
Even receiving roses with pricks and thorns,
Every type of weather and every single plea,
I promise… I love you always and forever, just you and me.

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