Red Ink

April 16, 2008
By Ashley Lax, Sugarland, TX

I write in red ink because it reminds me of blood.
Blood from the body, pain within all of us.
It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, we all go through hurt.
We try to make it own our own but it only gets worse.

This red pen represents all the tears I have cried.
All the times I sat confused asking Lord why.
Why is it that when I'm happy I'm sad?
Why is it that the reflection in my mirror is cracked?

Red ink means red rivers to me.
Red capital letters is all it takes for me to see
that in everything I do I've got to do better.
Everything I try I've got to try harder.

Red ink in my pen comes from that child's broken face.
I try to help that child smile but he just runs away.
I want to help but he's been lonely for so long.
He doesn't know what help is, hope is all gone.

The red in my pen is for all the lives taken away due to war.
We keep fighting but don't know what for.
Always fighting but is it worth it in the end.
One target leads to another target and we'll be fighting all over again.

The ink in my pen is red because of all the times he struck her across the face.
She strives to get help but she just can't get away.
He told her he loved her told her he was the one.
Of course he was the one to take away her love.

This red pen is for all the times he picked up a drug.
He only took them to get away from hurt, to run.
Until one day he picked up my red pen and started to write.
Now he's sober and can only fight for what's right.

This red pen is courage, hope, integrity, and life.
It's love, journeys, adventures, prosperity, and right
The next time you feel as if you're not going to make it
ask for my red pen, you need it more than I, here take it.

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