January 5, 2012
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The search parties putting equipment back in the trucks bed,
"I'm sure hes okay", one of the searchers said,

But the mother knew her son would have never ran away,
Even if he had an incredibly terrible day,

The people of the community listened as the searcher said all resources had been exhausted,
They gathered all the people the knew and the final search had started,

The looked in all of the homes,
For the A+ student everyone had known,

They looked in the woods,
For the boy that everyone knew did what he could,

They looked through the forest colored with leave,
For the boy who tried to satisfy every one's needs,

When all hope seemed to be lost
the tree began to talk.

The tree talked and the cries sang
as a figure was recognized in the rain,

His clothes confessed he'd been there for weeks,
It seemed as if he was in a deep sleep,

Paper at hand and gun on the ground ,
His last few words could have kept anyone from being proud,
"I chose to depart now because I'm at peace with who i am. I love myself and who I've become. You must surely think that I'm just a poor soul that got defeated by the world, but on the contrary I'm at peace with everything in my life. Its not myself i part from , Its the world. I look at the government and see lack of integrity and honesty. I look at hospitals and see lack of compassion and care. I look at the business world and see selfishness and greed. I look at religion and see false prophets, crooked priest and liars. I look at all of this and wonder if I'm the only one who sees the world as death. I depart from the world to escape death. This might seem selfish but that's not my main reason. I have the hope that the departure of a good person will eliminate the fog from someones eyes and he or she will see that the world is truly death and change there ways. Hopefully others will follow. Its better for one to go to hell than many. Maybe the soul of a good person will lighten someones heart."

And there the wise young boy lie,
the mother reaching for the gun as the others began to cry,

Discovered a magazine consisting of 5 bullets with 6 spaces needing to be filled,
The last remained in the boy who the world had killed.

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