To someone who cares that I was killed

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I've been hurt but it doesn't matter
You tore my heart out, served it on a platter.
You cried for me on our hill, thought it was real
But after a while I realized you didn't feel.
You hurt me once I'm not ok
The pain hurts more n more day by day.
You made me love life you made me hate it
You made me never want to see life never embrace it.
Seeding pain from the heart I no longer have
You took it away now I no longer laugh.
I hear your sweet voice swirling my mind
But I want it to leave for you're no longer mine.
Holding tears back as I finish this letter
Did you make my life worse...
Or just make it better?

The author's comments:
A boy named Daythan told me he loved me, cried for me on our hill, afraid he would lose me, and even said he loved me... But after 4 months about he broke up with me because I'm annoying and clingy. I worts this a long time back it's been probably a month since I've wrote it so I hope u like it.

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