A Friendship Lost

April 16, 2008
By sarah hester, Gilbert, AZ

A friendship lost, with no regrets left in my heart.
A crying baby is pitied upon by others but not me.
While others feel sadness I feel numbness to your cries.

A loss is sometimes all bad and sorrow fills the air.
Yet sometimes a loss can be a blessing or time of joy.

Even though we were “best friends forever”

I feel as though I will never be able to trust you ever again.
You lied to me, you used me, and you cheated me,
And worst of all you betrayed our friendship
And I will never ever forget that.

I will forever have my regrets and no one will ever change that.
Regrets on our friendship always exist in my soul.

Even if I felt pity I would never take you back.

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