Me, Him, It, Us, We... and You

April 16, 2008
By Tess Cooper, Portland, OR

You say You’ll never leave me
Even when I tell you to
Its for your own good
Please, just listen
I don’t want you hurt.
You say no matter what the cost
You’ll stay,
You’ll save me
But I know you cant
Hes too powerful.
I know you can see me within him,
And that’s why you do.
I’ll never tell you how strong you are
How much I wish I could resist the pull like you can
The darkness sucked me under
And now here I am,
A monster, a thing,
Not me.
In a moment that I can break through,
I tell you I love you,
I see a tear
You say I love you
He takes control.
Take her away, he says,
I shall show her mercy,
Not like the rest.
You don’t resist, I watch so helplessly,
As they take you,
Your head hung low.
One last whisper of sound before
You disappear-
I love you. Don’t forget that.
Its my turn to cry.
Why cant I beat him?
My friends, more like family,
They were taken too,
To a more permanent end-
I cant think anymore,
I cant breath anymore,
I cant move anymore.
He’s in control.
He’s in control.
He is me.
I am a monster.

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