Pain is not me

December 17, 2011
By CelticKitten DIAMOND, Redding, California
CelticKitten DIAMOND, Redding, California
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I shake it like jello and make the boys say hello

Your hateful words sear my soul like a branding iron. The abuse I have to endure make my blood boil. Every slap or punch makes me sink away into my dark lonely soul. When you apologize the feeling never reaches your eyes, as though you don't care. I hide my tears and pain while I watch your life tick away. I am a ticking bomb ready to strike your weak point.....
You longer live and breathe to enjoy my pain.

I am alone. Though I am entirely silent, I have never made so much noise.The darkness is too bright. The ghost of my past is always in my future. Is it normal? The world cannot know of my power of mind. Poetry is merely a distraction, my main love is to sing in depression.

Am I Dead?:
I can breathe but I am suffocating. My lungs can breathe but I am dying. Its as though I am spiritually dead. Heaven called my name.I was ready to die. I just couldn't stand to leave.

Perfect Is Not Who I Am Or Will Be:
Most people regret their mistakes. I don't see why a mistake means your close to being perfect. I don't find happiness being perfect so why correct myself to be? Asking a person to be perfect is like asking a bee not to fly. I won't be a flightless bee unless that is what I really want, but I won't lose myself in the facade. I will never be perfect so I won't try. Don't try to make me perfect, or a disaster will strike. I don't know when or how but I know what can happen if the person I am inside is corrupted. My insanity will escape the prison bars that I have trapped it in. That is when all hell will surface to the Earth

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