Summer Fever

April 16, 2008
By Johannah Gehman, McLean, VA

Chlorine water falling, splashing down,
booming base music thumping all around,
smells of sun tan lotion and fruity drinks,
towels, shorts, and flip flops on the beach,
Curling waves and foaming crests,
crashing salt water, frothy and cool,
body surfing, board surfing, swimming with friends,
serving up volleyballs on the sun-baked sand.
Eating at coastal cafes and shacks,
ordering soda pops, hot dogs, and ice cream cones,
Running around with other boys and girls,
getting into trouble with the beach patrol.
The ocean glitters blue and green,
diamonds catching the eyes of sailors and beach-goers alike.
Entering the ocean, carrying a tube,
jumping waves and jellyfish too!
Floating away on the open sea,
(hopefully not too far away!)
blissfully relaxing, daydreaming, thinking,
until the tide thrusts you back onto the cooled sand.
The sun has set, its time to party,
throw on your night clothes and go,
to a seafood resturant on the ocean pier.
Afer some shrimp and lobster by candlelight,
head to the club to dance.
Flashing lights, moving people, the booming base music thumps all around,
you can feel the beat in your body,
downing caffeine and laughing with friends,
When its time to dance, you give it your all,
there isn't a day to be wasted.
Feeling ambitious, strong, and wild,
there are only two words to describe it:
summer fever.

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