April 16, 2008
By Heather Bearheart, Webster, WI

People I knew and have loved my whole life filed past me in the big, barren room
Laid out before them.
“Goodbye,” they whispered to me with tears,
Wetting their faces,
While I watched over them.
Trying to convince them I was still there,
That I was just in a deep sleep.
When my little brother reached me and begged me,
To “Wake up!” shaking me,
Mom snatched him away trying not to look.
Then Toni Jean tugged my hand, “Wake Up, Giz”
“Please, Giz” with tears forming then falling to her chest.
Soon, darkness.
Right then and there I knew I was dead.
People I knew and have loved my whole life,
Were now gone forever.

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