The Life's Seasons

December 17, 2011
By OneMoreDay BRONZE, Poulton, Other
OneMoreDay BRONZE, Poulton, Other
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I walk steadily through the crisp, calm air,
Scenery untouched by mans harmful hand.
Feet touch golden leaves, never a care,
Nothing so beautiful has ever been discovered on land.
I stop for a second, looking around in the eerie silence,
Touching pure bliss, I feel like I’m falling into a trance.

As winter rolls on, the happiness fades,
Green turns to white, the flowers slowly die.
I feel the bitter coldness, slicing like blades,
Yet everything’s still perfect, I can’t tell a lie.
Skies so mysterious, and skies so grey,
A world of tranquil, another new day.

Snow turns into the serene beauty of spring,
Blossom falling like rain, onto the emerald grass.
A bird soars past, touching me with its wing,
I stand breath taken, not wanting the moment to pass.
Hopeful expectations, for the months to come,
I feel so blessed, yet it is different for some.

Magnificently golden sunshine pours overhead,
Warmth spreading across every inch of tranquillity.
Sapphire water glistens, underneath a sunset so red,
A deafening silence, a strange but wondrous ability.
As I take my last steps of summer, I whisper goodbye,
I glance at perfection, and leave, with a sigh.

The author's comments:
This describes my life.

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