Happy Ever After

December 16, 2011
By Drake-LaShae SILVER, Fremont, Ohio
Drake-LaShae SILVER, Fremont, Ohio
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Love me or hate me, both are my favors. If you love me Ill always be in your heart if you hate me, Ill always be on your mind. -William Shakespear

When she was small at the age of two she only wanted one thing.
And that was love.
From her mother.
She didn't always get it.
She couldn't go no where.
She had to many scars.
When she was five she didn't have a choice but to go.
Go to school.
Everyone saw the bruises everyone saw the scars.
No amount of make up could cover the black eyes.
The bruises on her arm stand out.
Shes thirteen now and this is her story.
"When I was little, I tried.
I tried so hard to fit in but nobody wanted to be friends with a black, blue, and purple girl.
My mommy didn't know how to express herself but I'm OK now.
My mommy always said she loved me, but I think she lied.
She would come home in a furry and take it out on me.
My neighbor Tom was the same way.
So we escaped to a tree house one day and stayed there until the end of the day.
It was my sixth birthday and I woke up to the sounds of sirens.
Police sirens and ambulance sirens.
I go outside to find my mommy yelling at me to go back inside.
My neighbor was dead, and the cops took me away because my mommy abused me to.
I now have a new mommy and a new daddy who love me very much.
I still love my old mommy to.
But I like my new mommy and daddy.
I met my old mommy again this year.
I stayed the night at her house.
When I woke up the next morning I saw Tom staring at me.
I thought it was a dream or his ghost.
But after a lot of hugs and tears, we went to our old tree house.
He explained to me that I was still sleeping and I was never gonna wake up.
I then herd the sirens again.
But this time they were for me.
I was with Tom and away from life this is my happy every after.

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