I'm Already Dead

April 16, 2008
By Connie Lyles, Summerfield, IL

The long night is young
and i know we are too.
We were only two kids in love
but now it's all through.

Believe me when i say,
i know you're up against a wall.
But let me tell you
i'm on the otherside
trying so hard not to let it fall.

And only i know
you're dying inside.
Yet i was, well
i never really was alive.

You're eyes so full of tears
that only i can see.
I've cried myself an ocean
and now i can't even breath

Take everything to my grave.
Blame myself for everything.
Every piece of heartache
and every bit of pain.

It seems like things are over
just consider what i've said.
I know inside you're dying
but, baby, i'm already dead

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