Cast away

December 28, 2011
By , Watertown, CT
Cast me away
I hope you know the cost you pay
The time Is quite dire
Watching my self catch fire
Each day a piece of me dies
I hope all you said was lies
As i watch you go
It feels like time is slow
So i can suffer that sight
Until my final night
Seeing you go hand-in-hand
Reality finally lands
Ive waged a war
But out you walked through the open door
Passe by because of time
Little did you know I've slipped away with every rhyme
I may never write again
No emotion to pick up my pen
This last poem i transcribe
Nothing more about my love to describe
Beaten me 'til i can feel no more
All the love gone from every pore
The second you choose to be with him
Ill be gone on a whim

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