December 28, 2011
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There are several a misconception about the park,
about the living and unliving thing that lurked through the trees and hovered over the lakes,
had a golden heart this snark,
but the simple glimpse of this creature and he's hunted.
The creature and the park were one,
branches fell on prey,
blood nourishing the breathing stomach of the soil,
the lakes spread there pristine arms out of the horizon and pulled down the humans along with there rowing boats,
drowning them in the sweetness of nature.
The park and the creature where named Matthew,
the name of a witty drunken stupor that roamed the park at night,
a personality like non other,
and he looked like sand,
and his bottle was the snake slithering under his skin.
Matthew understood and knew the park for years,
had laughs with the trees as a child,
and shared sorrows with the lakes as a man.
Matthew loved the park more than himself and when the branches of the trees twisted around his neck,
Matthew wrote a book on the trunks of the trees,
he conveyed the message of the park,
"come, come, share your sorrows and joys with the palace of the royal,
theres nothing better than the fresh smell of soil,
to sooth you're strong never strayed mind"

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