loving someone who doesn't love you

December 28, 2011
By , kansas city, KS
i love this girl that i met at school. we started to hang out and we became close friends.i started to like her but she did not know that. her name was Jenni, one day i told her to meet me after school so we could walk home together, she said sure why not.well when school ended i saw her and we started to walk home, i was so shy that she was the only one talking and i was just listening.then next day we stayed after school for torturing and that when i asked her i asked her if she wanted to go out with me.she gave me a wired look like what, she replied no because she only likes me as a friend.she said that she only wanted to be a friend because i was a brother to her. i didn't know what to do she did not love me the same way that i loved her. i told her that everything that i did in football was for her, i got into varsity where the juniors and seniors played. i told her i worked really hard to get into varsity because she was everything to me and i was trying to show her what i could do, also every time she was sad or had a problem she came to me for help and i helped her out. she didn't realized that i could have gave her the love that nobody else could the way i would, all of the sacrifices i made for her and all of the problems i solved for her. now i hope that she is all right in life without me because she made a mistake and broke my heart and i forgive her but i just want her to know that i still love her with all my heart.

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