I Know it Was Not Your Fault

April 15, 2008
By Lauren Allison, Gilbert, AZ


I know that it was not your fault.

They were cruel and inhumane.

I should have gone and gotten you out,

Not watch as you were slain.

I saw the way they captured you,

And threw you in that box.

I watched them each and every day,

Pelting you with rocks.

I saw the sores and open wounds,

That covered your cracked skin.

I watched your meals slide through the slot,

And you get parched and thin.

I heard the way your knuckles cracked,

After being stiff so long.

I watched you suffer every day,

And I knew it was wrong.

I heard your screams all through the night,

When pain became too harsh.

I heard them laugh and point at you,

And drop you in the marsh.

I even saw the stream of bubbles,

As you ran out of air.

And I had the audacity,

To just sit there and stare.


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