You Were my Best Friend

April 15, 2008
You were my best friend and you left with few words,

And now that you are gone all my senses have blurred,

Like my eyes fill with blood, and it’s vicious. It burns,

But despite how I try, tables won’t make their turns.

I thought you’d come visit, just drop in, say hi,

Instead just a note saying I’ll miss you, good bye.

You were my best friend, for crying out loud,

And death by your own hand to be one of the crowd,

Was low for you, friend. Is peer pressure that sick?

Can it change all the best kids to corpses that quick?

Best friend, I looked up to you. You were my idol.

How I wish I’d known earlier you were suicidal.

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Jess95 said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 12:25 am
I lost my best friend too...not to suicide but to drugs...shes still alive but she dosnet want to be my friend happend almost a year ago and it still hurts once in a better now...i dont wake up in the night crying any more and i dont think about the "what ifs" and i can actually sit through class and not want to burst into tears in the middle of a lecture...i can smile and mean better...i wrote a poem about it ...its called My Best Friend...but its under anonymous,... (more »)
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