Never Again

April 15, 2008
By bitzy mcbee, Antelope, CA

Someone save me
someone help me
im suffocating in here
let me out
let me breath
i cant take it
someone help
i see nothing
am i blind
i cant see
or is it mearly
to dark to see
i hear nothing
am i deaf
or is there
mearly nothing hear
theres deth
all around me
but I cant tell
I dont see it
I dont hear it
so how is it
that I can tell
that death is
all around
ive had this
knowldge befor
Ie never know
anything like this
its is something new
perhaps Ijust
sense it but
how can that be
its a feeling
of great grief
how is it
know all of things
Istill cant see
and I still cant hear
I want it to end
to never let it happen
agian its our fault
not they'res
we're the fools that
are to blind to
see things
why can no one
tell but me or
am I mearly
just the only one
who'll talk about
it I want it to
end never let
it happen agian

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