Cracked Smiles

January 5, 2012
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People stand in silence,
As the sky rains down.
Tears fall down cheeks
As they lower him into the ground.
I hear his silent screams
The ones he never shouted.
He told me he was happy,
This I should’ve doubted.
I look back for signs,
Trying to figure it out,
Why he never screamed
How come he didn’t shout?
If I would’ve noticed
Would he be here now?
Laughing and smiling
Or simply just goofing around
His smile never cracked,
At least not in the light.
But in the dark, I'm sure,
He stopped fighting that fight.
He let the smile leave his lips,
And let the pain run out.
In the darkness he could scream
No one would hear him shout
You think that he would want it,
To let somebody know.
That all these smiles and laughs,
Were nothing but a show.
I hear the digging of a shovel
And the funeral fills my sight,
Dark soil covers him up,
And seals him into the night.

The door to his bedroom squeals,
And I silence a rising cry.
A tear manages to escape
As I ask myself Why?
I sit silently on his bed
Letting tears fall like rain
Holding his old sweatshirt
Wondering if he felt pain
I lay myself down
And slowly fall asleep,
He enters my dream quietly
And kisses me on the cheek
The stars shine behind him,
And I see his smiling face,
Holding me close, he whispers,
“I'm in a happy place”
I know that smile is real,
And I feel one of my own.
He may be forever gone,
But he’ll never be alone.

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