The Wind, A Deceiver

January 5, 2012
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It’s a wonder how the wind can influence a tree
One gust and everything is shaken, birds forced to flee
From left to right they ripple, a never-ending pattern
Where a branch ends and another begins, one cannot discern

It lashes, as calm or as harsh as it wishes to be
The dark wind is as deceptive as characters in the Great Gatsby
A sunny day can be spoiled by a frigid breeze,
Yet perspiration can be tamed by a waft with ease.

A simple draft can reach speeds faster than The Yankee's best arm.
"Woosh!' just like that, it can cause damage or harm.
Animals are involuntarily rattled, have no where to hide,
The wind will never cease like the tireless tide.

The hair on one's arms will stand in anticipation,
The trembling leaves are an indication,
A subtle alarm for what is in store.
Just a gentle breeze, hardcore.

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