April 15, 2008
By Ami Shah, Lansdowne, VA

No more left.
Swept away by the wind,
And the rain.
With the pitter-patter,
Of the tears,
Rolling down,
My cheek.
And my heart,
Ever so slowly,
As if any second,
The world will be pierced with silence.

A slap.
On my face.
As if the crackling sound,
Set a range of fireworks,
Sky-rocketing into the air.

The rejection,
I have faced.
In that same room,
Which echoes the secrets that were whispered,
Into each other’s ears.
But now,
The room is stuffed,
And I’m gagging for air,
Because this space,
Is too cramped,
For roller-coaster ride.
The twists and turns,
A whoosh of emotions,
Spread across our faces.
A blank slate,
Already painted,
Within the soundless seconds that ticked away.

A cruel beauty.
It’s the bomb that blows in your heart,
When you find out,
He’s not the one.
It’s the butterflies,
That sing,
That make you go crazy inside,
Because you know,
That finally,
You’ve found him.

Whilst the clock effortlessly,
Slides the second hand,
To the next mark.
I stand there.
Mouth wide open.
Waiting for the words,
To pour out.
Like a water filling glass.
We’ve said it all.
I stare,
At his bright blue eyes,
Zapping me into shock,

The emotions take over,
The ringing in my head,
It’s unbearable,
And I run home,
With the rhythmic beat,
Of my ragged sneakers,
Striking against the concrete,
And sloshing along in the rain.
My hair,
Dripping with the tears,
And frustration,
Sopping from the furious rain.

I run home.
Where I feel safe,
And where the creaking,
Of the floorboards,
Make me feel like,
I’ve been here,
A thousand times before.

It’s been swept away.
Deep down,
My heart still beats,
Breathing in,
The beauty of the world.

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