Big Cities

January 5, 2012
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Las Vegas, New York, LA
They all have shining lights
They have the loaded and the broke
They have the evil and the excellent
They all have all these attributes

Big cities have shining lights all around
The casinos and the skyscrapers
Building large and miniature
All of the lights are spectacular
Shining lights are in all big cities

The upscale and the truly needy
It is the most diverse in big cities
Celebrities, inventors, and the filthy rich of all kind
The rich are of all kinds, but the penniless is even more diverse
There is are poverty and there is people with less money
The gilded and the flat are in all cities

Crime and heroic acts are in all big cities
Some big cities are infested, but some are very safe
The heroic people are big in cities, but especially the biggest cities
Firefighters, police men and women are present in all big cities
In big cities, criminals and heroes are present

Big cities have many things in common
All cities are different, but some are unique
Big cities are located everywhere on Earth
They are major contributors to the world

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