Killed, but not Murdered

January 5, 2012
By GirlsJustWannaWrite BRONZE, Edenwold, SK, Other
GirlsJustWannaWrite BRONZE, Edenwold, SK, Other
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.They never did stop,
hey always laughed at me.
They made it so i heard them,
posted it for all to see.

They bullied me online,
every single day.
No one ever talked to me,
no one stopped to say hey.

They followed me home,
feeling superior in their cars.
They called me mean names,
that left horrible scars.

I remember sitting,
at the top of the stairs.
I remember smiling,
I wasn't very scared.

I hoped i would be happier,
in heaven, up there.
My lasts thoughts were,
“No one ever cared”.

I can still look down on them,
and watch them feel no shame.
I bet some people can't,
even remember my name.

They still write on Facebook,
still diss me all the time.
They caused me to do it,
and that is a terrible crime.

The police know now,
just exactly what they did.
What they made me do,
I was only a kid.

I'm glad they have to pay,
they practically murdered me.
Now my stories out there,
for the world to see.

They are calling them the”Mean Girls”,
because they were so cruel.
I wonder how they feel,
now that their the fools.

I was only fifteen,
when I took my own life.
I hung myself in the stairwell,
because their words struck like a knife.

The teachers saw everything,
and no one would interfere.
The pretended they were deaf,
like they couldn't hear.

I hope they have to pay,
maybe learn how it feels.
People need to stop the bullying,
because they think it's no big deal.

The “Mean Girls” are being charged,
it's exactly what they deserve.
To think that they could do such a thing,
to think they had the nerve.

I no longer hurt inside,
because their not around.
I'm back where i belong,
under protection of Ireland's ground.


The author's comments:
Dedicated to Phoebe Prince.
Nov. 24, 1994 - Jan. 14, 2010

A innocent girl, victimised by bullies
Rest.In.Paradise. <3

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