A Never Ending Dream

April 15, 2008
By maher alexis, Brooklyn, NY

You're a never ending dream, that floats
above the blue sky.
You held my hand,
and shared with me what I could not see.
Showed me how life with you could be.
Your beauty is like a cool breeze
on a warm day.

You're like the ocean,
fell me with the love you have.
You gave me your heart,
when I could not give much
You gave me your ears,
when problems filled my head
You’re never ending beauty,
cant be compared with a
Gerbera Daisy flower

Your emotions can be compared
With a wind, that can be lovely time to time
Also, be dispirited.

Being with you showed me hope, & happiness
when smaller then others your smile made
Me feel above others.

Your wisdom prepared me for anything

You're like heaven,
Soothing and safe
Being with you was worth more then gold
You loved me,
even when I was missing in action
You loved me,
even when I hated my self
you’re a never ending dream
If this is heaven I hope, no one wake me.

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