Eyes Getting Blurry

April 15, 2008
By maher alexis, Brooklyn, NY

Eyes getting blurry
Memories; fading. Hope lost.
Love lost.
Of all I lost you
Being with wont come out of my head even though
I am with some one else
Nothing feels the same
Sitting here thinking of what was
Was and what is no more
Everything around me stops
Your eyes look at me.
Your face appears. I see you put ur hands out to
Trying to hold on this image of you but I cant
My heart runs fast and fast every second trying to catch yours but I
I can’t. When I am alone I hear you voice
In my heart. I ask my self how you can cure a heart that keep getting broking
I do my part
Love is a sickness but also a remedy
Love is so easily lost
But not so easily found

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