April 15, 2008
I fell for you,
you held my hand,
and I held yours,
you made me laugh,
and I made you laugh,
but most of all,
I fell for you,
and you fell for me.

You promised me forever,
as you held me in your arms,
you promised me you would never be mean,
as we were on the phone.
I believed you,
and thats where I messed up.

You lied,
you tried,
you yelled,
you even cheated.
but most of all,
you made me fall into your spell,
and fall for you.

You made me do it,
I had to react,
if I didnt,
I knew it would get worse&worse,
now better&better.
It wasnt my fault!
It was yours,
I had to do it..
I had to leave you....
and I'm not sorry.

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