January 5, 2012
As soon as I arrived,
I knew something was wrong.
I could sense it in the air, for
This dreadful feeling was strong.
I bolted up the stairs,
And searched all around.
Suddenly, I saw her.
I couldn’t believe what I’d found.
I silently tiptoed forward.
My mind was in disbelief.
But then it hit like a train,
And I was overwhelmed with grief.
I knelt down very gently
As my hand reached out to her.
That’s when the tears began to fall,
And my vision became a blur.
The sight that I remember
Always chills me to the bone.
It’s hard to erase memories
When the one lost is your own.
She laid across the floor,
With her limbs cruelly bent.
As if she had jumped from a building,
And landed below on the cement.
The hair that was left
Sat matted to her head.
Oh, how I mourned for my baby,
She just couldn’t be dead.
The most gruesome part,
Her head and body weren’t one.
They were horribly separated,
Simply for one’s amusement and fun.
But still plastered to her face,
Her fake smile gleamed.
The unblinking eyes stared on
As I let out a scream.
I screamed out of pain.
As my life seemed to end.
How could this happen?
She was my best friend.
This nightmare of a day,
Eventually began to improve.
My brother remorsefully approached me,
And that’s the first time I felt soothed.
He had in his arm a gift
A replacement was all it could be.
This apology was decent
Seeing that he’s only three.
I now have learned a lesson,
From my little brother, Paul.
Next time I’m not around,
I won’t let him play with my doll.

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