My meaning of Love

January 5, 2012
By MzRogersbabe BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
MzRogersbabe BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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" I love you "

You see Love does not always come the way you want it to, but you see everything happens for a reason. You could fall in love and get your hear broken in ways that makes you feel like your not worth nuthing or makes you feel like theres no reason of living but you have to let that happen. Everytime something bad happenes you learn from it and in the future your able to make the best of it.

Alot of people tend to kill themselfs for the person they fell in love with because the fact that they dont feel loved anymore but do you really wanna kill yourself for someone who broke your heart? Think about it, before they even came along you were living a life and you never wished to be gone so what is the difference between now that their gone? Its not that you wanna kill yourself its because they left that space in your heart that only they can fill it but you cant let that stop you from exploring life because life is full of surprises and whatever comes your way you have to be strong and face it because that is the only way your gonna learn and be you.

Dont let a single thing like love stop you from doing anything you wish because theres always gonna be something out there that will make your life worth living for and dont stop until you know you accomplished something! :D

The author's comments:
This piece shows what I think the true meaning of love is and how others might think so too.

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