January 5, 2012
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Am I CrAzY if i hear my name called and no ones there?
Am I going InSaNe if i slip away into my own world
where nothing more than me exists?
Here, where i am, that is normal
the CrAzY are the normal
and the InSaNe are common
but am i like them?
if i cant distinguish reality and my imagination?
if i cant always tell where i am or remember where I'm going?
They tell me I'm sick
that i need help
that they will fix me
the dead inside will go away
They are wrong
the dark beckons me
closer, closer
farther and farther
I inch my way
when will i get to the edge
or have i already fallen off?
I can't remember
the last time
i was aware of everything
that I knew what was happening
the last time
i wasn't floating into nothing

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