Forgive and Forget?

December 29, 2011
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Am i the only one who does not who they are?
I keep loooking, but there is no shooting star
big enough to fulfill this wish
if only i could take back that kiss
It meant to me what you will never know,
If only my heart could forever go
to a place where pain is nonexistent,
and true love is persistent.

or maybe i am too blind to see the warning signs
my heart does not know how to read between the lines
No matter what they try to say,
Words will never make this heartache okay
consolation is not accepted in this state of mind,
Does the outside world understand the meaning of 'kind'?
It seems everytime i try and show the real me,
I get mocked and put under lock and key.
This cage is self inflicted, i do it all on my own.
But the mean in those i trust is too plainly shown.
Forgive and forget, is so hard to do.
But i'll do it for me, if not for you.

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