Moving On

December 29, 2011
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this dissatisfaction i feel,
is this nostalgia even real?
i do not know what i really want,
but with every smile i see of yours, my heart you taunt.
I want to feel your arms around me, feel you there
but i have already felt your prescence's wear and tear.
What i want would not help anything at all,
It would only nail my heart to the wall
I want to be noticed and looked at,
not avoided like a piece of bear scat.
Come on man, you know who i am, i know what you are.
i thought you would have been a shooting star.
boy was i wrong,
to realize this took me way too long.
Now it is time to move on, we will see about this.
Every time i see you, i can feel your kiss.
how it felt looking up into your mysterious eyes.
and when i remember this, i remind myself they were all lies.
those feelings i thought i had had for you,
they were all forced together with that familiar glue
that i used to make this feel better than it was supposed to be.
i just can't stop wondering what you think and even thought of me?
but i should not care if i really want to 'move on' persay.
Maybe i will leave this moving on business for a sunny day.

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