New Year's Reflection

January 5, 2012
The trees stood still, their branches now barren of leaves they once held so dear
The stillness was broken by a blistering gust
It pierced through my body, made all my thoughts clear
My mind began to wander; I didn’t know what to trust
While being whipped by the wind I wistfully walked to the wonderful water
The lake reflected the clouds and trees as my thoughts reflected me
The sky was the mother and I was its daughter
Staring upwards I wondered who I would be
The New Year would come soon; things had already changed so much
How far had I come? How far will I go?
Years past- when a day could be made by a simple heartfelt touch
Now- when every day was if I was putting on a show
The future- when will my dreams come true
The tree reached up to the sky, begging me to lend it my ear
A million worries poured out of me, each misery flew
The future can hold so many amazing things, but it comes along with fear
The woods reassured me that everything would be fine
They had been stripped down, sprouted buds, and bloomed again
One day, I too would shine
The only question to haunt me is when
The soft grass tickled my fingers
I closed my eyes, was engulfed in light
Fireplace smoke began to linger
My heart and mind continued their flight

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