That Book

April 15, 2008
By Tara Carpenter, Gilbert, AZ

The life of an insider poured out to a book
The same as an outsider at a second look

A girl who knows things she shouldn’t
Passes them on to people who couldn’t keep it and wouldn’t
She jumps at her shadow but lets it slide
When she talks to her friends with to much pride
She’s fun and happy with too many friends to count
They love to be around her there is no doubt

You can’t see her but she can see you
You copy her paper but don’t know her name
Say you appreciate but think she’s so lame
You look at the group the one that’s always there
It’s so big you can’t help but daydream and stare
You’re happy where you are but want a little more
Your friends are right there tied to you at the core
Never any drama never any doubt
When it comes to tears there is always a drought

These girls got through life thinking and waiting
They both have their problems but there never stating

They’re happy with their friends
Which way there life goes it always depends
They go with the flow
With always something to show

That little book tucked away
Safe to write safe to look
Safe to pour out there soul the book that will never take its toll

There influence great
There influence small
The book of them both rise above all

When you look close then you will see
The book written and scribbled
Means more than money could buy
Their hope their dream
Their true self can’t help but beam

The same when you look closely to see
Their souls written in a book is what sets them free

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