Don't Forget

April 15, 2008
Forget all that we had
Though it was never all bad
Forget the love that is still here
The love that is never so clear
Forget the way you put your arms around me
The way my heart belonged to you and only you held the key
Forget the innocence in your eyes
Unlike others you never told me lies
Forget the cute things you did
Even if you intentionally did
Forget us
Unless you feel you can handle this
Forget being just a friend to you
I’m driven beyond everything because of you
Forget those years of mistakes we’ve made
Those mistakes that only seem to fade
Forget that I want you more than anything
Cause all I’m starting to believe is the possibility of faking
Forget telling me you love me
You’ve said it so many times I’m starting to see
Forget the klutz you can be
Even if you were just trying to make others feel smarter
Forget the times you hurried to meet me because you thought you were late
When you were actually an hour early
Forget the times you’ve waited on me for over an hour
Even if it was all only to see me for 15 minutes
Forget the love that isn’t lost yet
The unforgotten emotions
Forget confused thoughts
Thoughts that never seem to leave
Forget missing you
When it seems you never miss me back
Forget wanting to talk to you everyday
Even though when we talk not much is always said
Forget our conversations about us
the undeniable fact that neither of us can or want to walk away
Forget the fact that even if we can’t walk away
It seems like that’s exactly what we are doing
Forget how you took my things from me just because
Even though it may seem I didn’t like it, I loved it
Forget when you kissed me
And it had meant the same thing to the both of us
Forget how I’ve lied awake at night
Repeating our last conversation through my mind
Forget how you make my heart skip a beat
That every time I see your face everything is unclear but you
Forget when you told me you kept reading the letter I gave you
How happy that made me to know you were thinking about me
Forget that I was there waiting for you
Remember the days you walked away
Forget the way you just made up things as we went along
Especially when we were alone
Forget looking deep into your eyes
And being so scared to look back knowing your not mine
Forget that every time I look at you
All I want to do is run up to you, give you a big hug, and never let go
Forget that even through all the heart ache and confusion
It was all worth it
Forget the other complicated people
This is between us, not them
Forget what they think
There is ways to get around them
Forget that even though I love you as much as I do
I’m still confused on when it is I should let go
Forget that you’re not the only one in my life
Yet my heart keeps running back to you
Forget every time you crossed my mind
When I was smiling and didn’t even know it
Forget this letter
I was just trying to free my mind a little

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