January 4, 2012
Worse than the weight Atlas bears,
it pushes me down,
my soul it tears.
This burden I can't control,
It consumes me,
I don't feel whole.

Worse than the pain of a thousand slashes,
it burns my heart,
turns it to ashes.
I cry and cry those silent tears.
but telling,
is one of my deepest fears.

Worse than the death of a childhood pet,
It tortures my mind,
still thrashes yet.
I can't stand the pain of the invisible pounds.
The guilt screams out,
but makes no sound.

Worse than a fire that has taken all,
It slumps my shoulders,
I can't stand tall.
For the lying, cheating, and, stealing,
and doing so with no true meaning,
is worse than pain

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