April 15, 2008
By Bobbi Bromich, Gilbert, AZ

The most wonderful time of year is spring
The skies are blue during mid-day showers
It’s when the flowers bloom and the birds sing
The special tune that we hear for hours

The sun is always shining very bright
Throughout the course of these beautiful days
Until the moon comes out and it is night
And the world we live in is so amazed

The smiling faces of young children
And the faces of many others too
Proves that spring is the best time there has been
Everyone who enjoys spring always knew

That it is the best season of the year
Everything about it is very pure


Groups of girls different ages, different sizes

Youthful is what we feel in our hearts

Mature I what we really are

Never giving up on yourself

Always encouraging your teammates

Stick your landings and point your toes

This phrase echoes inside your head

Inside your soul you know you are the best

Cause no one can beat you if you just

Set your mind to it and give it a go

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