God Bless the USA

April 15, 2008
By Tiffany Vuong, Brockton, MA

I never believed in god
Because I've always thought
Better to suppose I'm in control
Than to have someone control me

But then one day
I began to pray
Only four words, once everyday
God bless the USA

Don't bless us with health
Don't bless us with wealth
Don't Bless us with peace
Or happiness

Don't bless us with land
That's not our demand
We don't care for those things
Please just bless us with wings

Bless us with wings
So we can fly
And see the world
Through different skies

Let us see the suffering
Let us see the pain
Let us understand the luck we have
So we will never complain

Bless us with wings
So we can see
We can save the world
If we try

Bless us with wings
So we can guarantee
The world
A brighter sky

So now I always pray
Only four words
Once everyday
God Bless the USA

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