Will The World Ever Change?

April 15, 2008
So life goes on
And we keep on walking
Never turning around
To see what we've done in our wake
We rush around as if time is on our heels
And seconds tick faster than mileseconds
We never take the time
To smell the roses
Or kiss a loved one
Or say hi to Mom
Because we're too busy
Rushing around
With time on our heels
Always something to do
To say
But never enough time
Not even a minute
To say I love you
Men buy roses
Because it is their duty
To give something romantic to their women
For Valentine's Day
But the romance is gone from the gift
Because it was done in such a rush
And sex is only for a great time
And not something special
We spend most of our lives
Making excuses
For not getting married
Or having (or adopting) children
For working too hard
And loving not near enough
And to rush around
Not caring who we have affected
In our wake

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