January 4, 2012
By , spokane, WA
Build me up!
You build me up
Tear me down
I loved you since the day I met you
The day you left me was the day I cried for 8hrs
The day we were together I was crying happily
The day you packed your bags
And said we were over was the
Day I couldn’t breathe at all
The day I met you was the day I found out who
I was and what I could be
I found out you never
Truly loved me
You used me for what you
Wanted …
You kill me every day that
I see you with a girl
Cause I know that you
Will kill them the same way you hurt me
Don’t kill them if you can’t finish them
If you can’t finish them off by saying
Sorry it didn’t work out
Then don’t talk to me as a
Adult you killed me along the past but not the

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Jan. 11, 2012 at 10:26 am
this is cherrys work too!! i wrote this. i just did not know that it when anonmyous so.. sorry too all of you !!
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