January 4, 2012
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It controls me,
It stirs up inside of me,
Taking over everything I am,
The walls of my sanity have fallen,
And so has my guard as paranoia rises,
How long do I have to live?,
As I look into the mirror to see it spread,
The color of my iris have turned orangey- yellow,
The infection takes over as the mirror breaks before me,
My heart is pounding and racing as I begin to run for my life,
But I know that I’m danger to everyone including myself as I turn,
How long until I am nothing?,
As my blood begins to boil and give into the monster inside,
It hungers for power and complete control as the battle wages,
While I lose the war for my life to the parasite deep down inside,
There is no way to stop it from spreading throughout my entire body,
I might as well surrender but I know there is still some hope left in me,
Is there any hope at all?,
I know you wish to save me from the demon inside,
I don’t want to hurt you anymore for I can’t go on like this,
I wish there was something that could be done to end this nightmare,
But we all know it is already too late for me as I walk away from you again,
I hope you can forgive me for what the animal will do to you for I’m in here screaming,
Are you scared yet?,
A week has gone by as the world around me dies without reason,
As the rapture begins to finally take control and takes its first breath,
No I’m lost inside to watch the horror unfold in front of my eyes as they fade,
But now I’m trapped inside of the body that was once mine as the beast roams now,
My resistance has failed as the Virus takes away every option I have left deep inside now,
Are you still alive?,
The final days of my humanity have fallen into pieces,
Destroyed and can’t ever be brought back to life,
Soon the entire world will become the enemy,
Are you willing to turn?,

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