April 15, 2008
By Kayla Essink, Clay Center, NE

My favorite jeans,
Nothing can replace you,
Perfect fit at all the seams,
Perfect shade of blue

Patches on the rear,
A tear in the knee,
Make it all the more clear,
These jeans are screaming ME!

I’ve had to be patched,
I’ve felt torn apart,
But I keep moving on,
Because just like my jeans,
I am a work of art

The bottoms are frayed,
They’re a little too long,
Mom says they’re horrible,
I tell her she’s wrong

In them I seek comfort,
Acceptance I find,
They know the best way,
To compliment my behind

Worn thin? Really--
Faded? Very—
But that’s what makes them,

Your jeans represent you,
They show who you are,
These jeans are my favorite,
So what if they’re bizarre?

I will always treasure them,
For they’ve suffered some strife,
Forever they’ll remain,
A part of my life

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