Abundant Love

April 15, 2008
I perceived your voice
And vanquished
The feebleness
And murkiness
Like a hazy path of pain.

My journey of abandoned tears
Came to an end
When you accepted me in your life
And gave me guidance
To luster the light.

Your potent voice alleviates my pain
By making me feel completely safe
Your embrace causes me to feel your warmth
Caressing me
Like a tropical breeze
Drifting off with you
Into the quixotic sea.

Struck in a flash
And I gave it all
All that I could bequeth
Towards this stupefying love.

Unraveled from the abominable
When the aspect of you is in my eyes
Fulfillment in every moment
Breath-taken by every touch
All sentiments known
Completeness in my heart.

You attain authority of my key
That inserts you into my heart;
My life
To confide in and love
For eternity.

Above and beyond
En masse we stand
Enduring and indubitable
My heart has finally landed.

You cause me to feel like a needy child
Every time you're adjacent to me
By obtaining mellow tingles
That swerve around in me
Because my sentiments for you
Are like a calm tornado
At peace but as tenacious as can be
The tears I cry flow with life
From knowing you're here with me.

These goldent sentiments are undying
Before you
There was no simple meaning
No hope
Emptiness and loneliness
Like a deserted field
After a winter's murderous gust
Waiting to be shined on
From the humid
Blazing sun
But then my heart raveled
And all the pain and distrust disappeared
Once I found you
Lavishing me
With your abundant love.

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