December 14, 2011
By John Owens BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
John Owens BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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It’s as though we’ve been abandoned,
As though we’re on our own.
I know we can make it,
But we’ll have to do it alone.

It’s clear that we aren’t ready,
Lonely dark times seem nigh.
We’ve been kicked out of the nest,
Before we’re able to fly.

We’ll have to get up on our own,
We can’t keep waiting around.
It’s about time we grin and bear it,
We can’t keep looking down.

We used to have allies, friends,
One with the system.
Now they are our prosecutors, divided,
A looming schism.

When they take it all away,
Whose fault is it? Do we know?
Does one try to find a culprit?
To whom does the blame go?

There is no real transgressor,
There is no path back to the past.
Unfortunate truths must be realized:
Someone has to finish last.

Vengeance is neither right nor possible,
We must keep looking ahead.
To try and make a better future,
Whilst hiding our feelings of dread.

It is now that we show our integrity,
It is now that we prove our worth.
It is now we take into our own hands,
This sudden forced rebirth.

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