April 15, 2008
Why Dream of Pain?

Dang, where did we go wrong?

We used to be so strong

We were the dream team

But when we talk, all I hear is you scream.

But now, you are long gone.

While you got me singing this old song

And now all I see is you walking away

Further away…further and further away…

You got me contemplating on what I should say…

Dam, what should I say?

What should I say?

I just want to kiss and make up.

Dam, you got me feeling so stuck

Damn, I’m stuck

I don’t know how to feel

But, I don’t want to be ignored

All I see is closed doors

I feel hurt with what I see

Because, she is so beautiful, to me.

She wasn’t just only a ten

She was the only ten in a ten-thousand

She’s like a star

A star in the sky.

Watching over me and guiding me on my path.

Like the north star

Although she has it all.

I just want it back

To the way it was

When it was the best.

But until then, I will just be dreaming…

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