December 13, 2011
The silence tears through me,
Like words of a sparrow my song that I sing
Flows out into the open and over the sea.
Complicated by what tomorrow may bring,
Hiding the fact that its getting harder to breathe.
The strangest part of the cowardly scene,
You broke into my heart and made it ring.
Now the deed is finally done,
And the healings just begun.
Letting go of the past and the mistakes that’s been made,
Courageous the lion watching the cowardly fade.
Nothing more is wanted then to fight the last battle,
He cant hold on much longer, its his life that he’ll straddle.
Between his fate that’s been chosen
And the path that he’s made,
Swimming in a sea that’s filled with sorrow and shame.
He dares to remember the past’s ugly face,
There’s no way back home, no path he can trace.
The end is where he falls,
To the exit he attempts to crawl.
On his hands is knees he’ll still stand tall.
Gravity to him is just a faze,
In his grave he now lays.
Long was his life and gorgeous his days.

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