The Answered Prayer by Todd Levy

April 15, 2008
In the corner of my eye I only see people standing,

In front of me is the state's most outstanding,

Damn, man my coach is so demanding,

It's astounding, as the basketball's thrown from out of bounds,

It's to him, and he's driving to his left,

So I go to the left,

There's only 8 seconds left,

We're up 96-95,

And I'm still moving to the left,

but he's now going to the right,

There's his shot, and I know he's gonna take it

and I know he's going to make it.

And he does.

As the ball hits net, the senior sensation, jumps around, not only the state's, but the nation's most sensational.

As the ball finishes it's travel down the nylon,

After all this trying, we all are now crying,

My minds made up, this is worse than dying,

But even though times flying,

There's still 3.5,
I mindlessly catch the inbounds pass,

and I get right by him,

But I'm still thinking about the anxiety that was high within me.

Still thinking about this

I barley noticed that my half-court prayer was answered with a swish.

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