Seas of Hope

April 15, 2008
By Marly Richison, Houston, MO

Surfaced upon this rough landscape
Her cries begging me to come back
After Her demon lover has spat me from her deep cold depths
Dark and full of treasures
With a song so foreign and surreal
Pulling at my heart
Dragging my soul to the edges of madness
I lay paralyzed, trapped by this uncompromising form
As she washes her dark desires down upon me
And If I were afforded the luxury of shuddering, my very soul would quiver
Beg for the touch I am now denied
And yet cruelly I find, she still will lap at the edges of my sanity
My primeval existence, and she’s pushing me over this edge
Pining I wish so hard to be enveloped by her comforting turmoil
Her never ceasing surge of defiance
Her wonton desires she visits on her creatures in the deep
And we wait.
Horrified that her lovers anger will sweep us ashore
And yet I have found myself
At the end of his cruel wrath
Ashore I am beached
Stranded in this oxygen poisoned atmosphere
Bared to a wicked enemy, her depths protected me from
And then I feel warm, dry, fingers close upon me
My terrified soul, screaming, I’ve never been so far from her
But the curiosity in my soul stills my cries.
And I see these depths I thought only existed in the deepest ravines
And I find myself hiding safely once more in the colors they so openly offer
I am warm. No longer burning, The yearning still for some quiet moments
I am comforted by this strange touch you offer
Your Curiosity I sense, I feel, In the way you hold me
Inspect me with pleasure, Cradle me close to this strange gold that frames your open face
And you listen, And I give it so willing.
My song, The one I learned from her, From the depths she held
I sing it so for you, because you saved me from my sad plight
And I see stirring in those strange depths again, and I feel hope cloud my senses
So I give myself over to the promise you hold
Lose myself in the soft pulse of life in your cradled fist
For this short time I am comforted by a false sense of security
For I cannot find a jealous lover, controlling your persistent tide
And I relish the way, I am looked upon with such longing and treasure.
Admired for my knowledge of a place you will never see.
For I am so simple. And it pleases me just for you to turn your attentions on me
But I can see you think, I am more complicated.
And I see you search for signs of life, Which you will not comprehend
For you do not know the song of life, thrumming through me
Cold and Distant, I see your face turn. I am not the key to your desires
If only you search, listen far more closely to the treasures I could tell you.
Of the mysteries you desire. And yet I have already offered myself wholly
And It seems, I satisfy your small desire for treasures, but not your desire for knowledge
And I will not be your, heart, your love, For I am not what your soul seeks.
So I am cast down, again.
Unto this harsh, arid, landscape
And my soul, cries, for the New Love it had, For the life I had experienced in the palm of your hands,
and the Delicacy of which I thought was, for me.
So I weep, My mourning song lost in the turmoil of the wind
But I feel her calling me, Beckoning as before.
For she is a jealous Lover, One who seeks what she desires
And I find myself, hopelessly, Begging for her forgiveness
And She is understanding.
But cruel.
So cruel.
For she will leave me to waste upon this dying sand.
Until my fragile existence cracks beneath the weather
Its what I deserve, For taking my chances in the hand and depths of someone who is not hers.
Who she does not control.
For her control. Is most important to her.
And she will punish me.
And she will mock me.
But yet I will find I will crave her touch, nearly as much as I crave yours.
For their must be some relief
Some small death to suffer, to finally be loved.
And I will kill the defiant part of my soul, to appease her.
So she will crash down upon me, With her cool, promising arms.
Her swift vengeance.
And yet from her deep soul I will bury myself, I will sing for you.
Hoping you will hear this song I would have sang to you.
This song of the mysteries I knew you desired.
And I will long for the warmth only you offered.
And I will find myself in want of once again, losing my soul in the depths of those deep oceans of your eyes

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